Blenderstuff CD

(kai_yak) #1


i have a CD-RW where i keep all my blender stuff. A friend asked for copy. So i descided to make a index and i tought it looked impressive. Maybe a cd of the sort could be made to raise money to free blender.

Cut and paste


(overextrude) #2

This is probably the most organized and extensive collection of Blender stuff I’ve seen so far. Great work.

(Sebasthos) #3

Is there any way to order this CD? Because it looks fantastic!

(kevin3d) #4

This would be great for educational programs!

Great job!!!

(Phrangkk) #5

Wow what a collection!
any chance you could upload the buzz lightyear.pdf
I’d really love to see that.
I think this compilation or one like it would be a definate benefit to new users and veterans alike.
Really should be considered as a revenue stream once the e-shop comes back online!

(Psion) #6

Kai –

This looks great! Let us know if you plan to offer this as a fund raiser…although I caution you, there may be people out there who would object to their material being included in your collection. But if you put it up for sale, I’m buying!

(joecool) #7

LOL that’s funny! I had had the same idea for a couple of weeks now. Selling a cd with all my blender tutorials, blends, textures etc. but I thought that me selling other peoples stuff would make them mad. But maybe if I sold it and gave the money to the blend foundation it wouldn’t make them mad…I don’t know. But I have a very large library of blender stuff also.

(pannomatte) #8

Most people are flattered when ASKED. A good point. I’ve got a good collection as well at:

(A2597) #9

Alot like me…

I have over a gig in my blenderstuff folder. :slight_smile:

TONS of Babylon 5 models I’ve converted, I mean like, every one from the series, some in three forms (Different versions)

EVERY demo file I could find

TONS of explosions, nebulas, misc textures.

LOTS of flares, etc.

Every version of Blender 2.23 (All platforms)

some trek stuff, etc.

and 84 meg ACE file with old blends, bear in mind that Blend files compress VERY well (About 1/2 or uncompressed size) and ACE is MUCH smaller, in some cases only 22% of the uncompressed size).

(Does a quick figure)
1,468 files in 178 folders. :slight_smile:

hehehe…was MUCH bigger before I cleaned it out last month when I transferred it to another PC…LMAO

(Angelo) #10


This is a good idea .
Your cd-rom looks very nice . :slight_smile:

(kai_yak) #11

I would have to ask too many people for there permission. There is probaly at least 100 different author for all this stuff.

Too bad cause it would be great for the community.


(Nayman) #12

a few of the explosions are mine, (if they are off the website) and i grant u permission to sell it!

give the money to the foundation, i’ll buy one.