Hi everyone,

after having read the train-tutorial, available on the web, the idea of seting up a “trainsim” within blender has bugged me for quite some time. Looking for some project where I could try out the new projection-painting technique, I picked up the idea again and started with some artwork.

Only wanting to build a small, not too complex scene, a narrow-gauged railway operating with the bare necessities in a sparsely populated region seemed best. I eventually settled on a russian prototype for my first piece of equipment, a ТУ2. Operating everywhere from the Carpathian Mountains to the plains of Kazakhstan, there will be a great variety of surroundings to choose from.

After spending some time in blender, see the attachment for what I came up with. I used projection painting to paint the phototexture, using pictures I found on the net. The model has about 3000 tris and uses a single 1024x1024 texture.

Now getting this thing to work is the next step. Sofar I am succeding quite well on this, once having finished something showable, I will open an extra thread in the game-section.

But right now, the engine is making its first moves basically through an emtpy space. To change this, making some tracks will be up next. Modeling is an easy job, but for the texturing, I might need some help, regarding references:

I want the tracks to have a rugged looking texture, a bit weed-grown, worn-out, bedded in sand.
The problem is, there is nothing the like around where I live, so I would highly appriciate it, if anyone living near something like this could take a few texture-photos and post them here. Browsing the web, I found nothing that I could use…

Sofar, so good.



PS I would like to add some links to illustrate this post a bit, but then again this forum does not seem to like this, holding back my posts forever…


Are u using, ubuntu 64…? Your video card is awesome I presume…?

No, I’m actually using the so much hated windows vista. I just changed the style, as I did not like the graphic-power-consuming aero-look. I don’t remember my video card being awesome, but this laptop here’s not that old, that’s true.



Looks fantastic.

Looks very similar to the train in the game Crysis Warhead.