Blenderunderground base located by "The man"

Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone from Blenderunderground vists here frequently too?

It seems the man has located blenderunderground and disrupted all communication.

‘The Man’. I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no what has the man done to the Blender underground. I hope he hasn’t captured Apollos.

wait til (if???) the site comes back online…Have you seen any of the tuts yet? they’re really in depth and quite interesting too…


looks like the transmission is cut :frowning: HAX!!..

i agree, the tuts there are of the best

Interesting …

i think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms… come back apollos! BA just isn’t cutting it :smiley:

i have the tuts @ home, though i don’t have enough bandwidth to host them. i too miss the underground and was looking forward to wining the fx weekly challange. i’m allseeingeyeoftheman there.

this thread is now scarily like a little BU. Until BU is actually back up, perhaps we could post relevant stuff here, including challenges etc. Now all I need is an elysiun mod account :wink:

who else is on BU and BA?

Why would the man try to disrupt comms on the servers?

Hey, Nice to see you guys! Hope the site comes up again soon. Got my fx entry ready too! Hope the BA guys don’t mind us posting here about BU.

Because the man works on behalf of big corporations and only wants too see innovation when it lines his pockets :stuck_out_tongue:

and as we all know, there’s nothing The Man likes to do more than grind people down.

I didn’t even know about that site…

you’re missing out! we’ve got a good vibe going on at BU, it’s very friendly. plus theres no off topic forum, and therefore no flame wars…it’s fairly chilled out.

that’s great! i should join it when it goes up again…

i contacted the billing dept of the host of blenderunderground,, @ 888-401-4678 and they advised it wasn’t suspend for lack of payment but because of the videos being too large and that their abuse department would have further information. problem is that their abuse department isn’t open on weekends so i’ll try to give them a call on monday after work.

What was Apollos using there, Vimeo? I seem to recall watching something he did on Vimeo.

Oh and dyf, we’d be glad to have you.

wohoo we are back online!

Now, I see how you have 4K + posts… Interesting…