Blenderville 028 WIP

Come and relax in original Finnish Sauna in Blenderville (to be honest saunas don’t look like this in Finland. But they sure do in Blenderville :-):

Btw there are still free plots in the city, COME AND START BUILDING YOUR HOUSE if you already haven’t! This is a fun project, believe me. More in:

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great stuff man, i think i might come and contribute to the blenderville cause =D

nice bunch of materials you got there. Do we have to pay to enter the suana? :frowning: hope not… I don’t have that many BlenderVillians… maybe you accept euro’s? well I’m sure we can work something out right hint hint?

cannot access any of your images… ??

mutta, saunaan tulen oitis, ja tuon meille vielä oluetkin!


Now, pal, now. Some fart-head hacked my Linux server last night, I had to do some cleanup. But it’s all available now.

Saunavasta jäi mallintamatta, mutta olut maistuu silti. Kippis!

same thing happened to me… I was surfing “bare” though… I now have firewall, but still see that sniffer logs are trying to get out… luckily, I’m not running sendmail currently so they are stuck :slight_smile: (and empty what I have been browsing them)

cleaning afterwards is hard too… I’m waiting for new redhat release and then take some more serious actions to clean the whole system…

and, nice to see blender from helsinki… I thought I was the only one :slight_smile:

Ah! What a welcome surprise to Blenderville :smiley:
Your sauna looks really grrrrreat :slight_smile:

:smiley: I knew I made my fellow country-men happy with the sauna! Now we need only a brewery and a saugage factory, any volunteer Blenderville builders around?