Blenderville building 058

(kai_yak) #1


This is a picture of my cemetary for blenderville. What do you think so far?

copy and paste the shortcut


(Pooba) #2

All i get is “Image hosted by Anglefire” message, and I did copy and paste. It did that when I refreshed too.

(rogerm3d) #3

same here dosnt work. but when i reload it works.
looking nice. But are there any dead people to put in it?

(BgDM) #4

Looks good so far kai_yak!

Pooba: cut and paste the link. It should work then.


(LohnS) #5

i also get it when i copy/paste. if this doesn’t work then i ‘right click’ and ‘save as’ and it will d/l the pic to my desktop and i view it.

(kai_yak) #6

Well the tomb stone are on the way!! Got a big shipment coming soon. :smiley: But its a WIP. More soon!


(dreamsgate) #7

Can’t get around it, every town need a cemetary.

Looks good.

Check out my castle

I’m on plot 005

(rogerm3d) #8

nice castle. neads some kind of coloring aside from just grey.

(dreamsgate) #9

Actually I’m going to do it in shades pf purples unless something else strikes me as more interesting.

(S68) #10

Cool little chapel!

Some tombstones are a must, yes.

I’m in number 057: for the short border we share we should get along… most of the border I kept a bare windowless wall, so no problem there, you can spare the polygons of the fence :slight_smile:

For the Archway ending onto a fence… what do you think?


This is what I mean…

And, BTW, that street crossing plot 058 is a pubblic road… so you may want to fence also those two free borders…



Cool castle, very fairy… I want to see it coloured :stuck_out_tongue:

Stefano (who has download the current .blend so he edited :slight_smile: )[/img]

(kai_yak) #11

Hey S68,

Not to sound like an ass but your are lucky i dint build a wall to the extend of my plot the way you did. A buddy of mine was saying “Is problem, let him move his stuff”

no sweat i will do my best to accomodate you.

Next update i do the fence will be moved. :slight_smile:


(S68) #12

Hehehe, are you and/or your buddy from US?

that part of the city was intended to be the ‘old center’ of the town, and I’m an european… our town centers are filled to the maximum! Friends of mine coming to Florence from US had very low consideration of our sidewalks (in the center average width is 30cm, if they are there at all)

So I filled up the plot as much as I could and kept a small inner yard.

The only side of the plot contour shared with someone was the one with you and I made that wall windowless so that my neighbour could build his wall without problems there :slight_smile:

I didn’t expected a yard there… but well, this is what make Blenderville fun :smiley:

I can’t wait seeing what my other two neighbours are preparing…