BlendervsMaya:The argument no one wins

Blender vs maya? Absolutely pointless. Why? Because it’s not about which one is better, because neither one would win, but it’s about which one you prefer, and which one fits your preferences ( I would personally prefer 3dsmax although the plug ins are a annoying). If maya fits your preferences, good for you, but the only reason blender is undermined is because of the crpapy stuff people make with it. Why do people make crappy stuff with it? Because it’s free, and thus to many people have it. Autodesk actually charging people for maya is a good way for them to get some pro support, due to the fact that ubernoobs are instantly filtered by 3,000$ness. I actually use both, though;):cool:

Hey NerdGuru,

Hope you enjoy your time on the forums. These software comparison threads go nowhere fast - and often - whether it is the original posters fault or not. Personally quite tired of them as are many in the community so closing the thread. Feel free to search the many other threads on the same topic.

NerdGuru, interesting theory but as Ben says, a thread subject that typically degenerates into madness.
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