Blenderwelder - Sketchbook

Time to put my Blender sketchbook online. :slight_smile:

Every man wants to model Mech atleast once. So here is my first draft. It’s still missing arms and weapons but the basic scout-type of foundation has been built. It’s crazy how much work these beasts require. Or then I am just slow:D

Now also arms included:

Not sure if that saw is too brutal for a scout mech… :slight_smile:

Just some minor fixes and also testing out human figure googling out. Can’t decide where I would place my mech? City or forest. I just did forest, but somehow sort of concrete hellhole would be nice to do also. :slight_smile:

And btw textures are just placeholders. Haven’t yet started UV mapping.

Some stuff I have been playing with…

Testing snow:

Playing with metal textures:

Spending time:

Old phone

very nice new stuff Blenderwelder … thx :slight_smile:

Thx sumoLondo! Also working with concept car based on my friends sketch drawing:) Feedback about car paint and in general is welcome ofc. :slight_smile:

Modelled this table to one lavish interior scene I am planning to do little by little. Old phone posted few weeks ago will be placed on this table.

Testing 2.7 volumetric scattering node. Really hard to get rid off all the fireflies.

Really great stuff! The snow picture is beautiful! :smiley:

Thanks, it was very fun scene to play around with. I love the possibilities with particles. :slight_smile:

For my upcoming oldstyle interior scene.

Testing poke tool and glass node setup.

Just something I did quite fast for fun. Also sent to Blendernation weekend contest. :slight_smile:

My 2nd short animation test. Render with Cycles, 100 passes direct light.
Character by SlykDrako - Sounds from

Just playing around with Blender and Cycles…

Scene I did with (all) Blender and Cycles.

I originally thought to add character to this scene, but kinda gave up as the character creation process is so huge. Maybe later. :slight_smile:

Studied 'bit more of volumetrics in Cycles with this scene. Special thanks go for eMirage - by studying his aerial city scene I was able to do quite nice clouds.

Did this fake beer ad with the help of Blenderguru’s new beer tutorial.

The logo is actually tweaked from one Finnish beer brand called “Koff”.

Made this image to be my portfolio’s background. Also works as desktop wallpaper so feel free to use if u like.