BlenderXgrid Connection Test

Calling all available Macs with OS 10.3.9+

We need agents to test our router setup to the outside world. For this test the controller will remain open from 12AM October 1st US Central Daylight Time until ~9AM Monday Morning.

For more information, such as Controller settings, please PM me or register on’s forum.

At 1:30 PM there will be a test job sent to the grid and any agents. A single 3600 frame animation of a globe spinning. (640x480 Jpeg frames).

Those with PC’s are welcome to connect, but local tests using windows and the various Opensource Java agent programs have resulted in failure. The Agents do connect to the grid (locally) but return a “can’t find blender” error.

The BlenderXgrid site is nearing completition with an online tool to submit jobs to the Grid via a PERL script. Eventually I’d like to get around to coding a Python plug-in, but if/when I will actually have time to do that…

t No Mac here, but i find your project most intrigueing!

I should mention that there are several OSS Java clients available. So long as your computer supports JAVA, it should work. There is a page on the site that has links to the various programs for all the different platforms.

hhmmm…very interasting… ill add ur site to the resourse as soon as its up

Connection was a test. Someone was able to connect to the grid via the internet. Now we are on to our rendering test. A 3600 frame animation. As I said, have a Mac? PM me for connection information or register at the blenderxgrid forums. There is a forum called BlenderXgrid Info that has the IP address and other log in information.

The Blender Xgrid will start to become available for testing from 9PM until 7AM US Central Time (GMT -6)

The new website will be launched tomorrow with an indicator whether the grid controller is available or not.

This weekend had four people connect to the grid totalling 10.6 Ghz of processor power.

The goal for this weekend is 20Ghz.