BlenderXgrid Logo Contest

I need a logo for the BlenderXgrid site and for T-shirts, mugs, and other stuff and the icon on the GUI interface I’ve created in Xcode for Mac users. Currently there is not a lot of extra cash in the bank, but enough to offer a USD 15 prize via paypal for the winning design.

Rules: Project needs to be submitted by October 15th 2006. Winner will be picked by me and this is open to anyone with a verified Paypal account.

You can use any application (not only blender) to create the work. All I need are the rights to use, modifiy, and create derived works. Although as the artist, you’ll get a logo created by: <<yourname here>> on most works and credit listings.

Seeing how you’ve got no entries, is this still open?

contest closed. Winner got paid. :smiley: