Blendigo help!

I’m having trouble with indigo renderer, i’m trying to export a scene to render but every time i do it says “scene must include at least one light source” and i’ve tryed several different types of lamps, but it still says the same thing!
if anybody knew what was wrong i’d really appreciate it if you let me know, thanks!

Indigo only use sun and/or mesh lite to light the scene. so, you need at least one blender’s sun lamp(only sun lamp work) for your outdoor scene, or, you use some mesh obj as light source for indoor scene.

you also need to change the blendigo setting to specify if the scene is out door with sun, or black background/indoor and lit with meshlite. you need to change your material setting for your light mesh obj too.

Incorrect - can also use EXR environment maps.

Seems I have seen this before… Try saving your .blend and re-opening it. (if your indeed using mesh light).