Blendin In The Wind - new screenshots

hi this is a game that i do…

Well, impressive, quite beautiful!
Take care with “poly count”, but maybe you know what you’re doing!
Keep blending!

I just want to say how much i hate you, and please don’t take my job! :wink: Great work!

Looks great, i just hope you wont need some extreme computer to run it :slight_smile:

hey. yes this game is especialy for high-spec computers but after the main release i will work on the netbook and nonGLSL version with prerendered graphics :wink: so be prepared :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy moaly! that looks beautiful!!

Reminds me of Avatar

yes we are creating our own pandora :smiley: :smiley:

COOOOOOL! looks great (-)

Wooooow! beautiful. How many verts are in the scene? and what framerate do you get?

i dont know the number of vertices but on my spec with 12801024 aa 1616 and anisotropic filtering 24*24 is 60 fps constant… but i have the quadcore 2.6 ghz and the geforce gt 220 on ubuntu linux 64bit on win 7 with the same spec is framerate only 24 fps :confused:

any chance of a .blend??

yes the .“blend” will be available in the alpha 2 public testing… but it will be the .exe installer for windows and .deb or .tar.gz for linux… especialy ubuntu 10.04… i’m not considering to publish the game as open source… only as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License . If you want more info go to the

I’m due for an upgrade soon so my new machine will hopefully be able to run this smoothly. I currently run my stuff in windows and its not very fast at all!

check the website for news :wink:

good work, congratulations, its hard to see this level of detail on games around here, evry good congratulations rockstar.