Blendin to 50%

Hi, I have noticed that as higher value you give Blendin at the actuator-action the slower the action will process, so my question is that how big value do I have to use so the action will “play” in 50% (if 0 is 100%)?


blendin doesn’t really work that way. Blendin creates transition frames from whatever animation the armature was playing (or just wherever the bones happened to be before the actuator started) to the specified animation. In the attached example, the action is just a 2 frame animation. However, increasing the blendin value creates frames to make the animation look smoother.

If you want more control over the speed of your animations, you can use the play property version of the actuator and use a float for the property. When you increment that property, you can increment it by .5 instead of 1.



blendinex.blend (33.9 KB)