Blending/Bleeding Colors...

I tried searching for this but didn’t find what I was looking for.

On my current project, I’ve got two vertex groups on a single mesh with two different colors (scarlet red and cherry blossum pink), but I want them to bleed colors into one another. I haven’t been able to find any way of doing this with blender, I know it’s possible with an editor like photo shop but I prefer to use Blender (don’t have photoshop to begin with, to expensive)

Is it at all possible for Blender to do this?

check wiki for colorband which can be applied to faces and to sort of simpel gradient or even more compex gradient with several colors


Thanks Rick, however I searched the Wiki but can’t find anything directly related to the colorband and have only found brief mentions of it in some of the tutorials, anyway you might be able to point me in the right direction please?

you could use vertice colors to do the blending and colors

The materials affected to specific faces can’t bleed one into the other, no more than the faces themselves can.
You have to bake your textures to a UVmap and use a 2D graphic editor. The Gimp is powerful enough and it is free Open Source.

thats not right, vertice colors indeed blend colors between vertices if different
colors are use.

To use vertice colors, In shading vertice colors button must be on to render vertice colors.

are you staying with vertex color or you want to do UV mapping

or texturing faces eith image or procedural textures?

i mean there ar lot’s of thing aboutmapping - may be if you tell us i little more or even if you could show a pic it would help to concentrate the effort toward something workable for you


What about a stencil texture?

Strickly speaking you are right.

I was under the impression that Kalshion was using two materials ; I was probably influenced by the conviction that vertex painting offers very little control over the inter-bleeding : it is limited to adjacent faces which may be too narrow or too large for the right effect or, worse, of irregular sizes and that is just one difficulty.

He also seemed to ignore the existence of the Gimp.

yeah, gimp would be good. vertice colors limit possibilities…