Blending intersection between two objects (Shading?)

Hi everybody,

I am currently modeling a space ship and I was wondering if you know any methods to improve the look of the intersection of two objetcs. Here is a picture to help to explain my gibberish:

So what I would like to achieve is a more believable transition that blends both objects better. I have seen this video by Max Pulier that explains how to do use a combination of shrinkwrap and data transfer to achieve the result I want . However this doesn´t work in this particular case, do you guys have any other methods for these situations?


can you show some wireframe to see the verts and faces!

also if possible add a sample file to test it

happy bl

Sure. Here is the blend file plus another capture, thanks.

Also, just in case is relevant, I am working in Blender 2.8 latest beta version

SpaceShip2.blend (972.4 KB)