Blending Life 2 — COMING SOON!

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More than a year has passed since BLENDING LIFE 1 finished, and after its success last time we are happy to soon present you with BLENDING LIFE 2! We received loads of entries during the first challenge and were blown away by the Blender community’s talent and also their determination to learn and have some fun!

Even though Blending Life 1 was a huge success, it did go through some growing pains and a couple of issues did crop up. In light of these some changes has been made. The previous Category B falls away completely, and more in-depth details has been added to the previous Category A, which now forms the body of the challenge. Stricter and better laid out judging criteria, which also forms guidelines for the voting public, has been implemented.

As before we have some awesome prizes up for grabs! is supporting us again with a wonderful prize worth 1290 EUR! They’re again supplying high quality images for use by participants to the contest! New on board is CG Cookie who is giving away amazing prizes — you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Once again we also have our anonymous sponsor of Blender E-shop items! Without these sponsors this contest would not be taking place and we owe them our Blender Hearts in thanks!

Full details will be available when Blending Life 2 launches, which will be very soon indeed! Notification will be made here at Blendernation, Blenderartists forums and the “Blending Life” Facebook group. I hope that everyone will join the FB group as it’s an easy means to make sure everyone gets notified should there be updates or notifications while the contest is running. All the previous entries can be viewed there as well.

Should anyone be interested in sponsoring some further prizes please contact Len at [email protected]!


Blending Life Facebook group:

Blending Life 1:

  • Nudity warning, when going beyond the opening page at – depending on what criteria you select.

shame about category B!.

Where are the new details for “A” at?

Blending Life 2!!! I will participate this year again :D.

Thanks for keeping us updated here too, don’t really want to register at no facebooks. :slight_smile:

@Michael W: I agree but unfortunately there was too little interest in Cat B last time. Maybe I’ll rez it in Blending Life 3 if there’s enough interest. The full info isn’t out yet, but will be available at the launch :wink:

@REiKo Rhoemer: Good one mate.

@Felix_Kütt: No probs. The contest and all it’s info will still be kept here, I’m using Facebook for extra promotion.

Speaking of … I can’t get hold of BgDM. I just hope he is okay. Could anyone suggest an active admin here who I can contact with regards the contest? I’ve been away for quite a while.

bgdm retired from the board. try sending theeth a pm

I see, thanks!

brilliant, this is truely awesome I will enter again because last time was just too much fun not to do it again this time around

I hope this time will be possible to use blender with open source external renderers like luxrender, aqsis to present final render.

Cool, I could use this opportunity to join and use the 2.50 blender this time.

Good thing that you cleared up the rules. Last time it was a little chaotic :).

@tyrant monkey: I’m glad you’re entering again TM :slight_smile:

@AMDx64BT: I’m afraid rendering is Blender Internal only.

@Bigbad: Good one matey :slight_smile: Hopefully I covered the issues from last time, but I’m sure new ones will crop up again :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for this to open. I’m definitely participating.

I am in-10 days but hey it’s worth a go.