Blending Life 2- Head Model

Hey guys, I’m gonna be modeling my first realistic head, so feedback is really appreciated!

Here’s what I have so far:


Looks good so far. The ears are a little too pushed back into the head tho. Try to bring them out a bit

Minor update, just added eyes and also made the camera less distorted so the ears actually show up in front view =)


Awesome job! I am by no means versed in human modelling and topography, but the top of the head seems to have a bump? Maybe that’s on purpose (heaven’s knows my head has some lumps). Also the ears look just a smidge lower than the should. Again, I may be talking out of my rear, but thats just what I see. From a rookies point of view…

Actually right after posting I realized that the eye color was way unrealistic, so I changed that to the one below (going for a nice hazel). And yes there is a bump ontop of the head, which I might never fix because she will have hair eventually, so I don’t think it’ll be noticeable. As for the ears, I had the exact same thought and then I started questioning it lol, I’m gonna wait till she has hair before I move it =)


I’ve been messing around with trying to get decent hair, but to no avail. So I started doing some texturing instead. Here’s the first skin test render. (btw the ears were way too low, like you said! I moved em up.)


Hey guys, I’ve decided to give her blue eyes instead of hazel/green. Do you think the light blue is too strong in the middle of the iris?

And btw, critique is always welcome!


It is looking pretty good so far. Best of luck in the contest.

Thank you! I’ve actually decided to redo the eyes (again), this time with a whole new technique. Rather than drawing it in photoshop I actually created all of this purely in blender, except for a blur effect (which I suppose I could have done with nodes), and a slight shadow effect around the iris. Let me know what you think!


Some updates, just fixed some skin issues in gimp and made the veins in the eye more pronounced.


Something seems off around the brow area, as if her skull is too wide at the point of her brows.
Skin looks good.
More detail needed for the folds around the eyes. Particularly the corners, the rest could be ok, especially with lashes added…

Yep, I agree there is definitely something wrong with the brows. I’ll have to fix that still, and I’ll prolly put more wrinkles around the eyes with the bump map to come. But speaking of lashes…(and brows and eyes!)


Hey awesome topo!, a little bit strange at the back but I have the same problem, but if you put hair on her then I have no need to say anything ha ha but loving the textures and best of luck winning!

you need to add some back to the neck, it’s too slim

She has no forehead. 35% of our head is forehead.

To make stuff rounder in blender. Select the vertices that you want rounder, Then press alt+shift+s and move the mouse. That will fix the back of your head.

Thank you for all of your feedback! I fixed the neck and some of the back of the head (not that you can see that now haha), and I did a hair test render… It seems that hair will probably be my biggest challenge :no:

And it looks like I’ll have to bring the ear out a bit more too…


Her head seems a little bit too big but I really like it. I’d like to see some “pores” and such on her skin with some normal maps, though, to be honest. :slight_smile:

In post #12 her skull is tapering in at the back way too low. It should come in to around the base of her ears.
It also looks like some of the mass around her mouth should be brought forward and the mouth itself could perhaps be wider…although not sure there…perhaps her eyes should be slightly smaller instead…

Alright, played with the hair a bit more and decided to go for a blonde look instead. I’ve realized there are a lot of things wrong with my model, so I’m just going to give you guys an overview of what I’m planning and you can tell me if I’m missing anything =D.

  1. I figured out the bump map is too low resolution, and since it’s based on my colormap, I will prolly have to redo both of them? Unless someone knows a nifty trick I don’t, this will be a pain haha (oh the joys of your first head model)

  2. I need to fix the eyebrow colors, they got messed up somewhere in the hair coloring process…

  3. Fix the lips because they still look a bit wrong to me (even without the screwed up bump mapping).

  4. Fix the nor values on the eye bumpmap… I think I overdid it! And also make the brown in the iris a bit brighter, because right now it’s so dark that her eyes look dilated or something lol.

  5. Bring out the ear a bit more (even tho u dont see it in this pic, it was obvious in the last one)

  6. Give her an expression

  7. SSS

  8. Possibly jewelry, headband, and other things that make her a bit more interesting

  9. Fix eyelashes (not sure how I’ll do this but they still don’t look right to me.)

  10. Push in the color bone, right now it’s too pronounced.

  11. Make the hair more realistic (ANY suggestions on this would be much appreciated! lol)

Thank god I still have over a month to do all this!


Actually, I was thinking that is some of the best hair I’ve seen yet. Nice range of tones and variance in strand length that makes it look like she’s had layers cut. My only critique would be that it is a little thin around the hairline in the part.