Blending Life 2: Katie

Here is my wire


strange elongated head…

I have adjusted the proportions.


I like the forehead now, before it was stretched & Like the eye lashes how did you do them?

The front of the ear is a little strange and her neck is still giraffe like, please critique my thread too!

I love the clean mesh.

the eyelashes were polygonal but I think about replacing her with a version with particles.
Here is a rendering with the sss shader and the hair.


I love your whole expression he he, very cute. S.S.S is very high or too much light with a.o lower it hair could use more color.

Looks good! She is looking a little blown out (lighting). You might consider turning them down a bit, repositioning them, or some such.

follow this to create textures to make the color map etc.

thanks very much for the comments and the precious suggestions.
Here is a new render with a lower light and a little of ao.
I have also added a texture in the color of the hair.


She’s looking like a manikin .

I like the manikins.
I have added the textures.


Wow, great job on the eyeslashes! Are you planning on to pose/animate the model once finished?

Katie look…hm…suprised…and better and better…but, skin is like wax…best hair , what i saw here for Blending life…little bit of upgrade shape of haircut … but…look great

Yeah i love it too!

I would like to create some more interesting poses and some
facial animation.
I have lowered the back scattering sss.
Here is a new rendering.


Impressive! She does look pretty lifelike despite the remaining details, almose like an actress in need of camera makeup. I think you should close the eyes a little moer, though. Peoples eyes are surprisingly close to shut much of the time, even when they do not look it at a casual glance…

The surprised look is because the iris is completely exposed. What I mean by that is that usually the eyelid covers some of the color in the eyes, like in the picture below. So you can either pull down the eyelids a bit, or you can just enlarge the iris and pupil a bit. Looks great so far though =D


I think marcolorenz has done it intentionally which is quite neat heh, I think she actually hold personality.

Look at the shaded area left to the tear duct on the picture maicrea posted. You can also feel it with your fingers on your nose, that no bone is pushing the skin at this part. I think that your model looks like a plastic mannequin because of that area.
Actually, it looks very good right now; very nice stylized model, if it is the right word.
(Sorry for the bad english).

Looking at the photo comparison, maybe the pupil and iris are a bit too big? Still, getting pretty damn lifelike…