Blending Life 2: Rolandio

Yipieee I’m in time this year. Here is my start. Not much until now but a start :wink:

my progress of the last hours :o

small update

This is a very good model. I would put him some king robes: “Sysiphus I”

some first tests. hope to finish the texture soon :wink:

tried to add a bit of the upper body (proportions not totally correct now, i think)

little update
starting with hair now

played around with the lighting. not sure about clothes. the hair will change definitley.

added background and changed the hair. i think i’ll continue with finetuning the eyes and hairline.

different view

It’s a shame you’ve not had more comments!

This is a nice solid model, i especially like the mouth! Hairline is a little high, unless he’s supposed tyo have male pattern baldness…

take the tip of the nose to teh bridge of the nose, then measure that distance up again to get where a “natural” hairline will start…

he’s a little smooth… it makes him look a little baby-faced. It’d be nice to get some wrinkles in there… also a dine bump to break up the speculars…

thank you for your comments, Michael. these are very useful tips and ideas for me. i’ll make the changes in the next view days.:wink:

Well your model is realistic enough to qualify for the latest beowulf i like it i need some tips from you guys the thing is, i’m a rookie and i’m workin on somethin plz check out my post ‘‘yagami the night god’’ nd comment on ansd give me some tips

tweaked a bit around but not finished yet…

Model wise hes amazing, but in the render from the last post he was lacking emotion. Give him some facial expression

I like that he has realistic proportions, keep it up hmm, something is still off, I think the metal’s normals and spec is very large and too strong…also it is the reseeding hairline he is some what young and that hair line shouldn’t be so high…

hi! thank you for your suggestions. you’re right. the hairline is still to high and the armor is getting to much interest. working on that. concerning the emotion: hm yes he looks a bit absent now. i’ll try to let him look more to the camera again and add maybe some sort of little smile or something like that;)

looks pretty good, I don’t mind the breastplate at all.
One thing confuses me though, the name. It’s called ronaldio, so I expected to see either Ronaldo or Ronaldinio or maybe a mish mash of the two. And it ends up being Wayne Rooney??!

hi all. tried a subtle smile as expression

about the name: my name is Roland but a collegue of mine calls me Rolandio therefore I gave this portrait the name Rolandio :wink:

Thats really cool. Great work. I am very new to blender, how do you add the bumps on his skin? is that with a displacement map?

Hey nice!

The reflection map in the armour no longer matches the lighting on the rest of the image. Maybe fix the lights?

He’s looking good though. I like the change in expression… if you did it as a blend shape, I wonder if you’d be allowed to submit both to show the flexibility of your character?