Blending Life 2 : Valentyn

Here is my finished entry for the contest =)

Learned a lot in the process, thanks everybody for their help!


the skin looks incredible

Incredibly realistic!

truely incredible, one of these days you simply must write a “How I do it” tut on your skin. Once again we see that it is less the tools and more the artist wielding them.

First rate, esp the stubble look and the eyebrows. The lashes seem a bit too ephermeral but my own recent struggle with eye-lash density and thickness proved to me it is almost impossible to get that part perfect.

Only thing that could make it better is to achieve a similar stubble effect for the shaved areas of the face, he has the darkness of a 5 o’clock shadown on his face but the pores are not showing the growth. The head hair stubble is just awesome and takes the lighting so realisticly.

Further, I love the masculinity of this work. Some people seem to make their digital males to effeminiate while yours feels just about right.

Nice modeling, and very realistic texture. Great work.

Please, share your setup of skin material. This is by far the best I’ve seen here.

wow. really well done!

hi, sure, i intend to do an overview of how all was done when i have the time =) after all, the great thing about this communities is about sharing knowledge :wink:

hmm I am a bit dissappointed that this is just a starring into space head there is kind of no art in it. I am also not sold on the skin, with projection painting tools in blender its easy to get skin like that .when I look at it I just see the projected photo texture but I can detect whether the is even a bump map it pretty flat when you zoom in. the ears are also wonky and really distract from the other parts that are better modeled. The whole thing kind of feels unfinished to me.

Wow ! Exellent

Hi, tyrant monkey, i don’t want to turn this thread into a “what is art” one, but although some of your crits are valid (the ear needed a bit more work indeed) i feel it’s a bit drastic to say “there is kind of no art in it”.
I’ve always loved portraiture in art, there’s something special about trying to capture someone’s essence into a painting / image / representation. In this work, i’ve placed my attention not only in the model & texture, but in the picture as a whole, working the light, composition, subtle expression and color composition. I don’t feel that more models = better work, so i tried to focus my time in things that felt important to me, i’m not saying it’s prefect, but i’m satisfied with the result =)

This contest isn’t about art I’m afraid, its about blender technics. Skin looks fine, eyes are beautiful and look natural, this is difficult. OK ears needed some better modeling.

I love it how people who are crap at what they do try to point out the bad in everyone Else’s work, well I think he looks the most realistic from what I have seen so far, the pours on the skin are amazing, don’t stop never give up!

Have fun and remember to relax.

The skin is very good, the eyes are lovely! really fantastic…

the ear has been mentioned, but I think that the lips could have done with more bump, more wetness…

there is a blurry line running down from the outside of his eye, across the extreme prominence of his cheek and diagonally down to his mouth where the projections have presumable been blended… but hey, very minor crit…

tyrant’s “staring into space” crit is valid though…

I agree, but think if you’d had an attitude about him or his personality that you’d tried to convey could have made this skyrocket though…

he’s a little blank… if you could have thought of a more definite emotion to convey… he looks very “neutral” like how the model posed for the shot… we spend almost no time at all, day or night, ever looking this neutral…

you could have posed the head on the neck, that simple posing can convey alloofness, submission, listfulness, campness, darkness…

making him actually look at the viewer in the shots he’d have engaged us a whole lot more…
you’d have to pose the eyelids to match…

Anyway, no doubt you’ll be on every judges shortlist! the eyes are really good!

here’s aquote from wikipedia:

A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the painter or photographer, in order to most successfully engage the subject with the viewer.
It’s an old trick, but really works!!! if you’d just done that for both shots he’d be in a new league I think.

Anyway, this was a lengthy crit, but I think you’ve done a really good job and I hope you do well in the competition.

I don’t envy the judges as there’s lots of excellent work on show!

Frank, kid you have a serious attitude problem, it time you grow up. I give an honest critque of what I thought of his work and stand by words irrespective of the quality of my 3d work if I have an opinion I will state it. If you think my work is crap than thats your problem but I will give my opinion regardless of what you think.

Really nice but I think the skin texture is a little stretched at the outer rim of the eyes.

I agree with Frank_robernson. Hey there, what goes right matters, not what goes wrong.

Good luck and thanks Mechalis. Sorry “tyrant” I don’t read “monkey” Language.

Pretty good modeling, but I’m afraid it just doesn’t look quite real. It apears as if you just projected a face picture right onto the head. Also, I would recommend some more action to the face. As it is, he’s just staring blankly at nothing. That would have boosted your ranking up(from me at least) much higher.
The eyebrows seem flat. It looks like they are part of the texture. But the modeling is great(the ear could have used some more work :wink: and the texturing still was really good, but I think you could have taken it to the next level. :slight_smile:

Wow that is really, really good! I really love the eyes and the texture work!! My only suggestion is to size up the ear a bit, and maybe add some more detail to the tip of the nose.
But all in all superb job! I couldn’t get any near what you have achieved!