BLENDING LIFE - Anetta (nudity)

Thank you dexterity and otsoa :slight_smile:
Been working on the feets lately.


Great work on the body sofar! I’m impressed with your poly-modeling skills, very efficient use and very good forms!

Thank you Romeo!

Finaly found time to go on with the work.
Here another viewport render. Textured from point of view only.
Curently working on the hands.

Hope you like it:D


Ok you dont. What abaut this one?



Looking really great, also impressive that you’ve gone for an entire body and done it so well! Fast and accurate modeling, very good!

what he said. how did you go about modeling the hands and feet?

Thank you bouth!
I had a look to this two tutorials:

But the topology on my mesh is not the same, as you can see. For
the feet I didn’t use any specific tutorial after making the hand.
I still have a mess on the arm. At the moment I’m looking at this one:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Here is another one:

Does anyone have a suggestion what image size would be appropriate for the textures
on such a model?

Much depends on the camera angle you’ll be using and what size you’ll be rendering to, but I think a 4K (4096x4096) image map would not be too large, and may be too small for some kinds of full-body unwraps.

Great work. Fantastic modeling and texturing. Keep up with good work… and don’t forget on social life ;).
Great job, man… I wish I have Blender skills as yours…

I’ve not done much texturing, except to manually colour in loads of UV maps.
Question: How is this “texturing from point of view” done?

Thank you @chipmasque. I’ll try, how much my graphic card can take.
Thank you @kekljevic. Since I broke up with my girl a month ago, Anetta is my only social life:o
@Lancer, in edit mode with all vertices selected press U and select Project From Viev.

I’m kind a satisfied with the arms now. Changed again a lot of the topology.
I often use the Edge rotate tool ( Ctrl-e) and V for spliting edges and adding more
I regreath her smile a litle, since the teeth are making me problems now.
But the biggest problem is, that mesh modifier doesen’t show any life signs after I press bind. That will make posing very time consuming. Any help on that?




great model!

For posing you can use a simple armature. It shouldn’t take much time to setup. Just create it and parent it. You may not even have to paint weights if the result is good enough for you.

Great model so far. And very interesting topology. I<m learning from your techniques.

I’ve been using 2k textures for my model Sara (4k for the head) and solid color (read: no texture) for my previous model Nathalie.
IMHO, you don’t see that much of a difference there from a distance, but I would go for 4k textures anyway just to be on the safe side.
Blending the patches from reference photos won’t be any slower with the larger textures (assuming you have a decent machine), but exporting GIMP files as PNG takes noticeably longer. On my machine (2x2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM) 9 seconds for 4k textures, and 2 seconds for 2k textures. Editing large pictures relies heavily on RAM and CPU speed, but the graphics card you are using is pretty much irrelevant.

Rendering in Blender’s shaded view mode however is so slow that it’s downright unusable. I wouldn’t use it. Just render the scene if you need a prettier view. I got a GeForce 8800 GT so it can’t be the graphics card.

P.S.: No one’s replying to this thread because they’re still busy cleaning their sticky fingers and keyboards :wink:

Dexterity: That’s low class, man.

ALEKSANDERA: Sweet topology. Very neat to see how you work some of those tricks.

Thank you guys! Sory for the delay; even I had to clean my sticky fingers :smiley:
(have them since my rigging process is not going smoothly).
Em, @dexterity you say one was 2k and the other one was 4k; how do I applay different images to one mesh?
Don’t know a lot abaut computers. I’l start to texture the mesh now.
I’d like to know what will speed up the texturing with Blender GSL materials?
Here are my computer specifications:

NIVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (256 MB)
Memory 4 GB
CPU Intel core duo Quad Q6600

Running on XP 32

I’l switch to XP 64 this week. Do I need a better graphic card?

Thanks for any answer.

The head and the rest of the body are different materials, so they can be assigned different texture maps.
The head also has a bump map and a specularity map applied, the body has not.
In fact, the head has 5 different materials applied (as you can see here), but they all share the same texture map, as well as the same reflection and specularity settings. (The only reason I am using 5 different materials on the head is because of the way I do the UV unwrapping.)

Never thought on that,
thank you very much @dexterity, will try this out.

Keep up the good work!