Blending Life: Atemporalskill (no name yet)

I’m still not sure I’m able to do anything worth seeing, but I’ll give it my best shot. :wink:

So far I’ve been making a rough sketch of my subject to get a topology that doesn’t kill me later. I’ve been following the “Realistic Portrait” by Alt_ligury, but I I can’t see what is happening with the topology at the base of the nose. Dose anybody know where I can get a better view of that part?

C&C will be needed as I go, and don’t worry I can pretty much assure you I won’t be adding any serious competition because this will be my first completed project when I finish it. :rolleyes:

Don’t beat yourself up over it, especially seeing as you’ve only just started!

Was blocking in with curves part of a tutorial? Neat idea. You have a pretty good shape for the eye and nose at the moment, what is going to cause you issues is the topology in the middle of the second render around the nostril.

Not perfect, but something with that sort of ‘flow’ to it will help for smoother transition between cheek, nose and mouth.

Bit messy, I know.

Hi Atemporalskill,
Welcome to the competition, You have made a great start. But as Ben has suggested you should really fix up that area where the nose meets the cheek.
Following Bens painover as a guide is a good place to start.
Also you might want to look up montagestudio’s web page - the guys host a nice little tutorial for acheiving that flow.

Smart using curves as a 3d template, I saw some guy doing the same long time ago using lightwave. It certainly makes sense for poly-by-poly modeling since you are working detail-out rather than mass-then-detail. As for the topology, I personally like to start with very few polygons and try to get the overall shape and then use edge splitting tools to add more along the way. BenDansie provided some good poly flow hints, but I also think you could do with less geometry overall while you’re building the actual forms. Good start.

ahha, grease monkey would work excellent for basic shape sketches!

Thanks everyone for replying,

@Ben Dansie: Thanks for the paint over, I’ve been working on it as I get time, so not much to show right now. Yeah the idea for the curves came from the tutorial.

@joshC: thanks, yep I’m getting close to fixing that, hmm think I remember seeing a video page link on their site, I only rememberd the dvd’s at first.

@Romeo: yeah, I thought about that method, but I tend to be a perfectionist (that isn’t perfect) so this way seams to fit me better.

I’m glad we have nine weeks for this, because I’m off to write a speech (due tomorrow), paper (also due tomorrow), and chemistry lab now, which means blender has to wait. :frowning:

Thanks again for the comments, I’ll have an update soon.

ok, finally have and update.
I think I have a decent mesh flow now, please point out anything you see that could be better. I had to re-do the back of the had after the polys got really dense down the center of the head and no where near enough on the cheek, how does it look now?

Areas I know need more work are the chin, the edge of the mouth, and obviously the ears.

And now that I’m getting a little closer to it I’m starting to get worried, I’ve never really done any textureing at all. but more then that is the fact that I still don’t have a good picture of my subject, and am starting to think that I will need to add detail to the photos I do have. does anybody know of some high quality skin pictures I can study or maybe even use to add detail to mine.

oh, and sorry about the lazy masking job. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should rethink your topology as you have no face loop defining the cheek points at the moment. I made crude paint over to show what I mean. The blue loops are good and should remain the way they are and the red loops symbolize what I think is a better flow. Keep in mind that I’m still learning this and I’m by no means an expert but these are the loops most modelling tutorials suggest.