Blending Life - Blockbuster

Hi to all,

I will give up my old idea with the objekt “Merkel”, because I haven´t good textures for this !!!
Now I will change the Objekt to a “Old Man” with the free contest Textures by
Here my result of Head Modeling…


I am working to the UV unwrapping and have make the UV-Colortexture.
I have use three textures with blending one of the other texture and baked it to the finish Texture. Any details will I do with Gimp…and than I looking for the hair modelling and others Textures such as Displ., specular etc.

by then…


It looks very good!
please, can you explain the UV blending and baking process in some detail?
keep the good work!

thanks mschoyez,

I have use the Video Tutorial by lile Hansen, it is a 35 min. Tutor and you can find it here:

best regards

Hi. I did the same guy. Same process also. Good luck. I’m eager too see what it will look like. :yes:

wow, very nice texturing, it looks creepy good. I think you could still spend some more time with the model itself though, actually drawing in some of the more major winkles and creases would make it look even more amazing. also (and you’re probably planning on fixing this anyway) the collar looks like its painted on him, instead of placed over him. if i were you id bring it up slightly from the rest of the body, make it more defined.

Thanks BlendNewb 101,

the picture is a GSLM preview, not a rendering only with color texture.
The next textures with the first test rendering comes later.
Maybe I will rework the model with sculpting when the bump and displacemap isn´t good enough.

awesome modelling and texturing , keep it up …
thanks for the TUT link , DLDing …

here is my first skin_shader test.
At the moment I use only colors without textures to skin, eperdemial and dermal shading.
The next way is to change the color with textures and add bump- displacement textures.


here my new work in progress,
I have little sculpting the face and testing the skin shader.
The problem I have is to combinate the sss shader with the textur, when I reduce the sss the textur is ok but the sss effekt is gone ! So I must try the settings of my material.



nice progress :slight_smile:
actually , can i ask , are those lines in the first picture reference or were built on to form the model ?
what tutorial would you prefer ?

good luck .

Hi 3DGURU and thanks to the reply,

the lines in the first picture are help- spline lines to the contours, by poly modeling I used the retopo tool to snap the polymesh on the spline. I have see it in any forum, I don´t no where !

best regards

Hi, here another test rendering with bump map, new light setup and color correction.
The bump map isn´t the final only to testing the displace modifier.


decrease the normal map and make him a bit glossy …