Vote for Category B entries! One vote per person only, so choose wisely.


C&C’s welcome.

Polls close 30 December 2008.

Your votes will count towards 50% of the final scores. The judges scores form the other 50%. The final combined scores from the judges are as follows:


Handlebar 32 = 7 points

Cris_2703 31 = 6 points

Astralpancakes 28 = 5 points

REiKo Rhoemer 27.5 = 4 points

Stephn 27 = 3 points

Scdelf 24 = 2 points

DarkBlueArt 22 = 1 point

A. Stephn [![](]( B. Handlebar [![](]( C. Astralpancakes [![](](

D. Cris_2703

E. REiKo Rhoemer

F. DarkBlueArt

G. Scdelf

A breakdown of individual judges scores for Category B:

Peter’s scores
cris_2703 - Score: 7
stephn - Score: 6
astralpancakes - Score: 6
Sedelf - Score: 6
DarkBlueArt - Score: 6
Handlebar - Score: 6
Reiko - Score: 5

BgDM’s scores
handlebar: 9
chris_2703: 8
REiKo: 7.5
astralpancakes: 7
Sedelf: 7
stephn: 7
DarkBlueArt: 6

Mr. Bomb’s Scores
astralpancakes - 7
cris_2703 - 8
REiKo_Rhoemer - 7
Sedelf - 4
Handlebar - 8
Stephn - 7
DarkBlueArt - 4

Len’s scores
Handlebar - Score: 9
cris_2703 - Score: 8
REiKo_Rhoemer - Score: 8
Astralpancakes - Score: 8
Sedelf - Score: 7
Stephn - Score: 7
DarkBlueArt - Score: 6

Len, I just thought I would let you know that you misspelled my handle - it’s scdelf, thanks :slight_smile:

OH s***!!! Sorry about that Scdelf! Doh I just knew I was gonna make a mistake somewhere along the line :frowning: Dammit.

I’ll fix everything that I can tomorrow ok? (I’m not at home at the moment). But I’m afraid I can’t fix the poll itself because I can’t edit it. But I’ll fix the banner and the main post text, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Charly Garcia, gana porque gana!!!

It boggles my mind how REiKo Rhoemer has gotten only 2 votes so far! :spin: (And one of those votes was mine!) That’s 0.85%…

Granted, all of these entries are very well done. And I suppose it is a tough choice… But then, the results do seem pretty clear. :confused: Perhaps I’m not familiar enough with blender to recognize what demonstrates more talent or takes more skill to accomplish?

Merry Christmas everyone.
As a reply to bsperan; (I only speak for myself here) Reiko’s Model is quite good, and it’s clearly been put down alot of work in it, building the entire body etc…so in a sense I can see why you’re baffeled by the low amount of votes for it, but seeing as this is Cat B “Stylized” I recon most viewers are looking for some kind of cartoonish twinkle in their eyes, and a slight deviation from normal anatomical rules. It’s a matter what speaks the most to your psyche rather than pure technicalities imo.

@E. REIko Roemer Sexy girls
sorry about this

It’s almost unfair - all are good and have different aspects that make them special. For instance DarkBlue is cool but in context with the other entries perhaps overlooked for being extreme. Handlebar seems to be the fav and I’m thinking that’s because it looks like a good contender for Cat A.

Congrats to all contenders, and to Blender for making it possible :cool:

Hey guys :slight_smile: Polls are closed. I was unable to access Blenderartists yesterday and this morning dunno if it was just me or everyone.

WELL DONE TO HANDLEBAR!! You’re clearly first place for Cat B! :slight_smile: I will do the whole point conversion and add the judges points and voters points together soon, so that we can see the final standings for everyone :wink:

Hey guys here’s the scores but I need to ask someone to double check these for me tonight, in case I made a mistake. I will confirm final winners tomorrow.

Votes converted to points:

  1. Handlebar 247 = 7 points
  2. Chris 86 = 6 points
  3. Astralpankakes 35 = 5 points
  4. Darkblueart 31 = 4 points
  5. Stephn 12 = 3 points
  6. Reiko 6 = 2 points
  7. Scdelf 5 = 1 point

Scores added together: <vote points> + <judges points> = Total

  1. Handlebar 7+7 = 14
  2. Chris 6+6 = 12
  3. Astralpankakes 5+5 = 10
  4. Darkblueart 4+1 = 5
  5. Stephn 3+3 = 6
  6. Reiko 2+4 = 6
  7. Scdelf 1+2 = 3

congratulations for the winners in cat A and B
Tks Len to have doing this contest
I hope there will be anothers soon with big prices :slight_smile:

its very rewarding to work on this, we learn a lot of thing, to passed over our limits

see ya

…and HAPPY NEW 2009’BLENDER YEAR :slight_smile:

Scores are confirmed and the final winners are:

FIRST PLACE: Handlebar


THIRD PLACE: Astralpankakes

Well done guys! I will be in touch with you soon.

why the hell is E in category B? it should be in the other category

He originally entered it in Cat A but I asked him to change it as I felt it was more stylized than realistic.

However, there won’t be a Cat B again this year.

Thanks for a great contest Len and the team behind it, and congrats to all the entrants.