Blending life - Character from Argentina

HI everybody. Im will do a famous artist from argentina for the blending life contest. The concept is from a famous Cartoonist. 1 day of work. the model, i think, is already finish.
C&C =)


a lot of work to do with the skin

Looks great! i love the hand and the overall modeling

Very nice modeling, very caricature-ish. I don’t like the ear much though.

testing color & lights

c&C please

biggest problem i have is the eyebrows; you might try to make them particles instead of textured. i think that would really help out. everything else looks good to me, except you might spend a bit more time on the ear textures

ward7299 got a point here.
I see to much work mast be done but at this point your fine…

just trying hair

hello again. I think now the skin and the textures of the head are finish.

the image i posted before was just to show you how i want the hair looks like.

Please see the character on the Finished Projects forum