Blending life - Cool guy

Hi guys! Being very late (because of some issues with UV-crashes) I have decided to try see if I can create somthing nice. Im not really hoping to win, but im sure I’ll learn something in the pogress. :smiley:

Here is some WIP shots from blender’s view, Im going to work more on the face texture, because of some little streching issues around the nose and such. :slight_smile:

and wireframe:

ha! that guy looks like Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed(j/k). But you got a good start so
Keep it up.


Hehe yearh that right.:smiley:

I have ranned into a problem with the viewport. The skin has suddenly turned black! - Its still renders the texture correct, and the path to the texture is correct.
Anyone know how to repair this?

If its black, you either have your eyes closed or the lights off ^^

I asume you have on GLSL and Textured View on.

  • No light, all is black just like in RL.
  • OR the cape is creating shade
  • OR you turned off the layer containing the lights

Yearh I thought so too, but when I opened blender again, it worked! So I dunno, it’l properly happen again. :slight_smile:

Just a quick test with the Lightning. havent yet worked on the textures at ALL, so they not finished (dont worry ;))

And without the hood.:slight_smile: Mainly to check the lightning on the ear.

Definitely make a specular map for him. I like the model, but his skin is kinda plasticky.

Yearh I know. I havent played tht much with the textures yet. :slight_smile: The plastic look is because of SSS. :slight_smile:

Looks fine so far. Modeling wise, my only crit would be to focus a little
more on which group you would like to enter in (if you want to enter the
stylized group, make him more stylized, or to the contrary, if you plan
on entering the realistic human group, try to make him less over-dimensioned,
smaller lips and nose and so on. Otherwise, i would focus on the materials
and textures. Cloth is, in general, not specular, or at least not alot.
And you should work on the skin shader too, especially the specularity.

But you’ve done some good work so far!