Blending Life -- Finkgab

Hey, I thought I wasnt going to participate on this, as I’ve been using Blender for 9 months now and I’ve never attempted making human textures and I’ve never used SSS before.
When I saw the contest I was like… ‘Nice, free reference pics ;D’
But I considered to participate just to gain some experience specially on the areas I havent practiced yet. By no means I expect to win, after seeing some other works on the forum that are just great.

If you would give me some feedback on the mesh it’d be awesome :slight_smile:

And here are some wires:

I’m modeling this following Valentin’s reference pics, roughly.

Hi finkgab, welcome to the contest!

I don’t know what he is supposed to look like, but the jaws seem too narrow, or the flesh under the cheekbones seem to be too thin from the front view, if you’re going for category A.
In side view it looks very nice. Good luck!