BLENDING LIFE: I have to start somewhere

Hello there

This is my first post for works in progress - Yeah, hopefully many more to come.
Here is my first textured piece for the Blendlife comp. I’m working more on the face and head this weekend, so when there good to go i’ll post that to! :slight_smile:
Anyhoo enjoy and good luck to everybody, I can see there are already some real beauties out there.


The iris is too big compared to the eyeball size, it will make it difficult to adapt it to your future mesh. Unless you are going for category B, maybe.
And good luck for the modeling too! :slight_smile:

Well, this could be the eye of some cool monster creature. For some reason I think of Sauron…

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Hi There !

Sorry I have’nt up dated for a while, work and homelife are crazy. My progress is not going as quickly as I imagined. I was using the Erika reference pics but somehow I got quite frustrated, so I did my favourite stress quick fix and threw on a DVD and lo and behold I found some inspiration; Lucy from Bram Stokers Dracula.
Mawhahah - As you can see I would benefit from those montage DVDs but I felt the flow of the face is how I pictured it. C & C Welcome.

Rore: Thanks for the comment I’ll keep it in mind - I was really just practicing an eye tutorial I found and yeah I guess I’ll be going for category B, I don’t think I can keep up with all those fantastic models coming through. But just like Dory I’ll Keep on swimming ( Sorry a bit of Finding Nemo humor there :slight_smile:
BTW I really like your entry “The Player” especially the intense stare Grrrrr!!!

Romeo - I’ll Definitely be using the eye in some project or another. I’m really into Mythology and monster are one of my favorite topics! so who knows what…

hopefully next weekend will be more fruitful … Peace Out!


She has a perdy mouth.