Blending Life- Jamie

Started working on her this morning and gave her the name “Jamie”. I’m using the “Liliana” reference provided for the contest. I plan to do more later today.

Best wishes to all in the contest.

Update: finished the basic model, now to move on to the details and such. Feel free to comment and critique.

I dont like the topology you made. You’ve go a lot of polys on side and back, and in comaprison few in face area. This is bad.

Moreover while using subsurf you should try to keep a constant distance betwen the edge loops. This way you wont get the “line” effect on render.

The last thing i dont like is the back of the head. Try to make it a litlle bit smoother.

Yeah, I agree, but my thing is, I will add more to the front once I get done with the back. I finish the back then detail the front.

Thank you for your comments!

I agree with Macku.
You don’t need so many detail on the back of the head, or side. It will be very hard to deal with so dense mesh. It goes for sculpting as well. You will loose many poligons that way.
Also her neck and side of the head looks like it has some strange shapes. Smooth and grab brushes from sculpt mode would come in handy.

Yes, and as you can see in this update, I removed a lot of the loopcuts I used to create the shape in the back and have added some detail to the front. Ears are added too, and it seems as if the reference’s ears are set lower than normal. Thanks for the comments guys:yes:


Better, but imo still too many :rolleyes: I would work some more on the topology.

Ears are a way too low. Commonly :stuck_out_tongue: ears should start about the top eyelid and reach the tip of the nose (imagine horizontal stirght lines going trough the face)

I need to get to work too! woo

Hey thanks, Nebular! I’m afraid I cant get rid of many more loopcuts without losing the shape of the front of the mesh.

Update: I’ve cleaned up the topology quite a bit, but I’m still not entirely happy with it.
I raised her ears a little, I’m afraid they cant go much higher though because of the position of the reference’s ears.
I worked on the detail of the eyelids and added eyes.
Just place holder materials for now, I’ll most likely delete and start from scratch late on.
I modeled the in side of her mouth as well.
I also extruded down her neck about as far as I’m going to go for the final image.
I’m aiming for a fifteen- to sixteen-year-old, so if you have suggestions on how to make her younger, don’t hesitate to tell!

Now on to working on details on the mouth and neck, but I’ll probably only do that tonight or tomorrow (EST) as I’ve got more important projects to work on.

Aye guys, sorry no updates. I’ve barely got anything done. I just want to ask a question. Which style should I go for?

Punk/geek? (I know this is a strange combination)

Or typical western clothes model?

Please excuse my very poor GIMP skills. :frowning:

witch ever seems more fun to you.

Hey thanks Felix! I can’t decide because punk/geek would be more of a challenge for me as far as texturing goes, but model would turn out nicer?:confused:

Anyways, here’s an update. Just added the tear glands that I almost forgot and did a little on detailing the neck area. I also adjusted some materials and did some SSS testing to produce the render! That reminds me that the next render WILL NOT have the default blue back.

I’d go for punk/geek. Firstly - to see it happen as I’m curious. :slight_smile: Secondly, it is bound to help her stand out more than a model as far as the competition is concerned. Going by previous similar competitions I’ve followed or entered - most of the female models picked will be super-glamorised celebrities and models. Which is a challenge to be sure, but a portrait with attitude / character would be great.

Wow, what an honor to have you comment on my thread, Ben. It seem as if that one is what I’ll do because both my mom and brother preferred it.
I am going for a look like Tiffany Farrel in the comic strip “Luann”, but really geeky and an attitude like a girl I used to know, who we called “Emo” just for you to get an idea.

I hope to have an update later today. Thank you everyone.

Update: fixed some material things and added her glasses and braces. I started on her expression just in the mouth, still not entirely happy with it though. Started some work on the particle hair, but I didn’t include yet because it still needs serious time. Expect it to be here next time!

Are you in rush to finish or what? the competition finishes up in December. am not a fun of your topology a slower and more studied approach would have yielded better results, essential reading as far as head topology is considered. its a long read but the are couple of post with wireframe of the kind of topology you should be aiming for.

Thanks for the link, will definitely check it out. I’m not really rushed, I just have a major project over the next few weeks and don’t want to get behind. Don’t be expecting many updates, because I have to start on this project today.

Still glad for any comments!

Hey decided to dig out this topic and post the random things I have been doing while working on my actual work. Mostly just modeling and texturing tests, but I’ll most likely use it.

I’ve decided to make it Cat B, simply for time constraints, so I’ll make the portrait to her waist. I’ll leave texturing her until I have a few hours to sit and actually do it, not five or ten minutes here and there. I think I’ll change the beaded necklace and add more engravings on the chain.

C&C greatly appreciated!

This is a model that would benefit from using a perspective view, rather than orthagonal. I use cameras for this, there are other ways. (Create 2 cameras, one on the side, one on the front view. Take the lens up to about 80. Split the background image into the front and side views, fire up 2 viewports, align the model to the images, and go to it. I’ve left out some steps, but you get the idea. You’ll be amazed at how “off” the orthagonal view is.) And what others have said: get rid of some of those vert loops! You don’t need 'em, especially at the back of the head.

Hey thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for my next project. Unfortunately, my time available for this is kind of limited, especially this week. I wish I had thought more about this from the beginning, instead of goofing off and playing around with random things.

Anyway, I’ve modeled the body and some very basic clothing. I took about half an hour yesterday to unwrap the shirt, but I’ll play more with it. Sometime, when I have a few, I’ll finish the shorts and unwrap them. I plan on using procedurals for the body and UV for the head, neck and hands. I still need to fix up the hands, they’re really flat.

Thank you for watching and for the critiques, I will take them to heart.
(p.s. I’m surprised by how much she looks like Tiffany if Tiff where realistic. :smiley: (without the glasses that is;)))

Pants texturing done. Hand texturing mostly done. Bracelet started. Made the face less symmetrical and turned the nose up a bit like Tiff’s. I hope to texture it toward the end of this week. Then rigging. Gaaaahhhh…

C&C still welcome.