Blending Life: madness....THIS IS SPARTA

Hello all, I’m pretty new here still trying to figure out how to post images properly. I have only a little bit of free time to work on him, hopefully I’ll finish in time.The first few images are renders of the current progress, the others are screengrabs taken from backup Blend files. Notice how lazy I am in the reference photo department,LOL. Basically he’s modeled from those two main movie photos,with the exception of his head. I traced a photo of Lada’s head to get a basic head proportion for front and side. Pretty much did the rest just by eyeing it. Not exactly a proper layout of references, but again I’m lazy. Still a long way to go, this is just a basic rough out stage, it’s still in mirror mode. The eyes are the only part i textured so far, probably will use Lada from to texture the rest of the head and body. Have to put this project on hold for a week or so to finish up a Poser model I’m working on. Next stage will be finish modeling and sculpting and hair.:eek: