Blending Life - Merkel with new energy

Hi to all,

I am a new blender user, I´m working any weeks with blender and I amazed…
I will try to a Photorealistic head and when I have enough time Im try a little animation.

The modeling for the head I do it with the tutorial by Alt_ligury.

Here my first results…


hope you can finish it :slight_smile:
welcome to blender :smiley:

You sure got yourself a man :wink:
I’ suggest to move this thread to WIP as you will get more responses there. Ask a moderator to move it for you.
Und viel Glück

Thanks musk please move it to the correct place :slight_smile:

I will give up the idea with the objekt “Merkel”, because I haven´t good textures for this !!!
Now I will change the Objekt to a “Old Man” with the free contest Textures by
Here my result of Head Modeling…


SORRY this was a double post !!!
But by the way, I have a new modeling the head and I think it looks better.

Please Admin. move the post in the work in progress thread, thanks in advance. :slight_smile: