Blending Life - Neb's wip

I’m not going here with actual character. I don’t have any concept in my head yet. Middle aged male I guess.
9 weeks is very long so I hope I’ll manage to finish it.

Used some refs for the side of head, but I didn’t try to much up the character closely. I will surelly use the given pictures for texturing.
Good luck everybody. Have fun!

Looking good for such an early start! You should be able to really put the detail on this guy. Maybe mess a ton with sculpting to get even more realism. Good luck with the contest!

Thanks mate. Yea, I plan to sculpt him as much as I will be able to. I can push this model to a bit over half mln of polys. Should be enough but no detials on the skin :wink:

I will be very proud of myself if I will just manage to finish it somedy, hah!

Some minor changes. I gave him a bit of fat an changed shapes a lilttle.

I also started to think who he may be… Maybe a Harley driver?
Recydeling hair in a ponytail. Beard with mousthaches. Earring and tatoo maybe? What do you think?