Blending life- noTitleyet ;-)

I’m starting a little late and am not sure if I’ll get it done in time, but here’s the fruits of the last few days:

No SSS shading yet, though I did an interesting experiment with a fresnel style “rolloff” and the red channel of the skin texture used to blend in SSS with this material…

Still to do:

Teeth, assymetry, facial expression, probably a high detail sculpt to add some displacement and normal mapping, I have an idea for a context that’ll make this work as a head and shoulders shot.

It’s really just a technical exercise right now. I need to give the illustration a purpose and some “humanity”

The eyes are untextured as yet and need the surface and lenses etc, no corneas yet! I think that I might do something extreme with the eyes. I still have some dodgy texturing to fix and have never used “hair” so have a lot to learn quickly!

Just thought I’d post this to see if it helps motivate me to get it done in time!

I was wondering why you didn’t have an entry for this, seeing as you should be more than capable to pull this off and I kinda figured you would like the challenge. There’s only a little time left.

Make it count.

crits: I think her eyes are a bit large, or they seem large because they are unshaded, but they certainly seem to be too much outwards. Judging from the wires I also think lower them and place them both closer to the centerline (nose) and more backwards into the skull.

nice texturing, I really wish I had that level of texturing skills.

Freaky dude, I like the challenge for sure!

The eyes are too big, too high and too far forward… it wasn’t intentional, but I have something strange in mind for them… could blow the whole thing, but I have this idea about doing massive corneas and iris sort of alien like and perhaps a more animal pupil…

It’s funny, I’d normally be more interested in the "stylised"category like my avatar… going realistic surely highlights lots of bad habits. The eye thing will i hope still be allowed in category “A”! everything else will be striving for realism i this one!

Here’s an update!

Wow, the hair takes some getting used to… This test will be thrown away!

I want to give her a smile, but for some reason started to sculpt it on a really old version of the mesh…

I haven’t worked out how blender does morphs properly yet, (yes I’ve found the panel for shapes and done some tests, but not really comfortable with that yet…

Here’s an ugly smile. Teeth would help a lot! LOL!

Thats a really scary smile, but good work so far

Positively evil!

Note to self:

don’t show the really scary mistake stuff!

ha ha!

Yikes! I think I just became single for life! Nice job so far.