Blending life - Old George

I’ll call this finished. I wished I finished this on time for the competition but school takes away my blender fun right now.

Cause I didn’t want to take to much time on this project; the eye area has very little work. The eyeballs has no shader and eyebrows is a mess. No eyelashes. One spot light and ambient occlusion.

But I’m still happy with the result. I did a heavy guy with okey skin shading.

100% blender(sculpt,hair,sss and so on) and photoshop(DoF, noise, texture).

Took 5 months from start to finish :D. I had school and other stuff that took my precious time. Nevertheless, 5 months from the first start of a cube to this.

edit:newest image

EDIT: Finished the head but the clothes needs work. I just can’t do clothes.
Old Updated image:

Old image

Big image Link:

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Wow! The modeling is great! I can’t understand his expression though :smiley: Its like a mixture of sadness and happiness :slight_smile: The downed eyebrows and the faint smile don’t go together that well.

There is something funny weird going on at the nostrils; its like bulbs are being cast from the inside :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’d like to see:
A bit more specularity on the face textures would’ve been great; plus a three point lighting system, I’m not a big fan on single light sources. A nice pose too. The eyebrows are a bit weird but the rest of the facial hair is great!

Overall, I like it- just hope I haven’t complained too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comment and ,no, you haven’t complained to much :). I’ll probably fix a more suitable expression on his face when I have the time. Probably next weekend.

About the nostrils. There seems to be no shadows for some reason. Probably the AO that is the culprit here.

Thanks for the comments, I’ll take them into consideration.

Decent job, I especially like how he has hair on his neck (isn’t that so annoying to shave?!)

Awesome modelling and texturing. How did you do the hair? I can just never get hair right, maybe I don’t do it enough. But it looks really great. I think you would have done really well if you entered.
Would be awesome seeing your model animating, would really bring it to life.

Did an update.

I believe the lighting could stand to be improved, as well as the material on the shirts.

I think this is awesome work. I would like to see him looking straight at the camera, just interested what the result would be. I really like this guy, he looks friendly. 5 stars from me, I know how hard this is.

Did a new render where he looks at camera. It really added personality.

Also added small DOF and separated the specular map. Little noise also.

Edit: Did a three point lightning thingy also.

Thanks for the comments.

Nice. I like the hair, and the expression on his face has a lot of character.

wow, really nice! :smiley:

Gimme a kiss of light coming up towards about ten o’clock on the eyes.

Gimme a little roughness to the stubble at eight and four o’clock, especially eight.

Gimme a little texture to the forehead, more in line with what’s available on the lower side of the face.

And then, let me quit my infernal nit-picking, step back, and let out a whistle… “n-i-i-i-c-e-l-y done!”

Heartfelt congratulations for a job well done.

I think The Gallery is not quite full yet, if The Esteemed Moderators catch my drift… :yes:

Nice work! I’m amazed at characters that people make in Blender. I wouldn’t know where to start!

The eyes are very life like. Keep it up!

it’s something weird about him, but is amazing :slight_smile:

[double post]

Simply stunning! I love it.

My one constructive crit is that I think the eyebrows and mustache are a bit too soft, though I’m not sure exactly how you might fix that (thicker strands? a little more specular?)

Thanks for the comments and votes. I’ll probably leave it as it is for now. Will concentrate at the BWC (blender world cup) from now on.

One word -> Photo-Realistic.
Though the shirt looks a bit plastic.

The head looks really good but the clothes are really detracting from that. You should deform/model some big folds and wrinkles into the clothes. Especially make note of creases that usually happen around the armpit area.

This guy looks middle aged you might get a bald head that perfect on a really young guy but normally I would expect some uneven skin tones and a worse complexion even if it is only slight.

The eye whites are too clean, you should add some slight yellow spotting and maybe some small veins.

The bags under the eyes should be slightly darker than the rest of the skin and it seems the line for the bags is just a bit sharp however, I have seen sharp lines like that but they are usually on older men.

I hope I don’t sound like am nitpicking too much, because this really is great work.

Just puff your cheeks, it looks ridiculous but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA, thanks for the advice Haker!