blending life... old model

hi all, did this model a while back and thought it might be appropriate for the competition…
what do you think?

modelled in blender, textured in modo

as you can see, having some uv issues but that’s minor for now :slight_smile:

Hey man! Nice Model. The only hatch is, that you are not allowed to use old models. :frowning: Only models made entirely for the competition is allowed.

aah… i see :slight_smile: i’ll get on it straight away then!

Great! Its gonna be nice to see what you come up with. And just so you know it: Textures can be made in other apps (like photoshop or the GIMP) but I dont think the the use of modo is allowed ;( however im not sure.

You forget that this is supposed to be entirely done in blender, I think the only other programs you can use are gimp or photoshop.