Blending Life - Otsoa...

Hi !

First time I modeling on Blender. Usualy I use Silo and 3DCoat. Next update, tweaking, disymetrie…
Sorry for my poor english.

whooah! pretty good start.
carry on mate! :slight_smile:

Update. I must tweaking mouth.

looking good, but i think that you should push the forehead a little bit backward

Very nice start !

Hey…is it just me or that looks like Rihanna ?

I am inclined to agree, especially the bit about Rihanna.

Haaaa, good start though. I do think however, that you really should stick with Blender, as everyone else here proabably does as well.

Its not you, it’s she ;).

Haha… Nice wordplay.

yeah i was like Wow looks alot like her!

Great job!

so it is Rihana?

if so in your last post change She to Her…no ofance or anything just tying to help you out

Looks great cant wait to see it done!

Texture test…

She’s got on eye shadow, so she shouldn’t get wet, so she oughta get UNDER MY UMBER ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA.

Wow, this is awesome. You move at a very quick pace.

By the way, that “it’s not you, it’s she” thing went right over my head.

looking great! the inside of the eye is too perfect though, between the eyeball and the nose is a duct thing.

Eh…kinda confused…But nice progress !

EDIT : Ok nevermind…
@ Otsoa : Ah les difficultés de passer d’une langue à une autre haha…En effet, le bon terme aurait été “It’s not you, it’s her”. J’ai cru un moment qu’on se riait de moi. :wink:

Great-looking work so far. I’ll watch you with eager anticipation.

lol, ok, je me remet à l’englais :).

Test normal map. It’s not perfect. I have some trouble with hair. so i don’t post hair’s picture.

looks like you started playing with SSS? the picture has a bit of a greenish tint to it; if you are indeed using the SSS, you should lower the green and higher the red. looking pretty good other than that, altho i can see where your seams are :stuck_out_tongue:

SSS is not activated to this picture. To much reflexion here.
Thx for critics.

Whoa, looks very good man, you’ve gotten far already. Like others mentioned, I also find the forehead too pronounced and while I haven’t looked at any side shots of Rihanna I think the eyes are perhaps pushed a little to much back, but I could be totally wrong here. Keep it up!

yeah there some trubules with normal map but the overall model and texture is great!
Good competition :slight_smile:

For fun :D.