Blending Life - Pappa T

Quick skin test, bump and SSS only, single light…eye brightness will be balanced to final skin tone.


Very nice! Yea the eyes need adjusted, and maybe the eyebrows too. They don’t look like they should be on a guy that age. Looks really good. The textures could be a little more detailed, but they are pretty good.

Looking really great - nice detailing, etc! Only thing that I can crit at the moment is the SSS… it’s looking very “plastic” at the moment, especially the nose area doesn’t look right - I’m just sorry I’m not very experienced with SSS (yet!) so I can’t give any specific tweaks to you. However if you haven’t seen it already, there’s this excellent thread about Pixelvore’s experiments with SSS and skin shaders - it’s definitely worth the read:

Oh, and I know this is picky, but please change the background to something other than the default one - it’s just such a horrid colour! :stuck_out_tongue: