Blending Life - paulR

Sry I couldn’t resist :wink:

Some real updates coming soon :wink:

Uh, I think you need a bit more than that before you post a topic. :confused:

nice and clean topology!
I like it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very simplistic design, great start.

HAHA nice clean start ya got there Paul!

Well enough modeling!
Start texturing now :smiley:

Looks all like a good start for the next Captain Blender’s head to me!

I think for a sphere it is anatomically incorrect.

That’s easily fixed: Use the Set Smooth button, in the Link and Materials panel, see image below.

And don’t forget to use subsurfs. (Level 2 recommended)


very realistic…

oh my… how’d that happen :X

anyway, a first update - hooray for me! I know it lost a lot of it’s cubic qualities… :confused:

Since we are at it, why don’t you create a cuban character, cigar and all?

Okay, enaugh of the hints already. No more free advice for the competition :wink:

the-what-now? :wink:

moving forward…

Looks neat. Maybe the eyes could be a little bit closer to each other.
wires please
~a litlle offopic
Btw. I made my own thread and after clicking send, a strange text blinked before my eyes and thread didn’t show in Wip forums. Any one know what’s going on? Should i wait or what?

O_o no idea what that was with your thread.

Well wires are ugly at the moment :wink: topology is a mess still but it’s always that way at this stage for me, I’m not worried. :wink:

great start paul but whats with the holes?

@macku i think you just have to get your post count up before you can start posting with images etc. another new member had a similar issue crop up

Great beginning, though I think your cubic character looked a lot more realistic. :P.
This is a really cool contest, I’l be looking forward to see more!

Good progress, nice work on the proportions although I think the ears look rather small. Overall I think the topology is very efficient except for the area surrounding the nostrils which I find a bit overly complicated.

Nice, keep it up!