Blending Life - Portrait with Tentacles

This is my Blending Life entry, and I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do yet -probably something with tentacles, as they’re also nice and fleshy and I’d like to try capture the softer, flesh-and-blood side of the human form. So I’m starting off with a portrait and working from there - not aiming to keep the final face exactly the same as the refference. Just using it as a base. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some long curly hair that blends with the tentacles, but I’ve never done hair before so we’ll see. Here’s progress from today.


Today’s progress - quick AO render of the head so far.


Added expression, pose and some rough tentacles to start getting the look.


looking good:) I really like the idea of the tentacles coming out of his mouth, but I think you should work on his expression to make it more suffering, maybe open his eyes a bit more, so he wouldn’t look so calm. I’m lookin forward to see your updates:)

I’ve now put the tentacles aside and worked on expression and textures a bit. i’m having major trouble with the eyes. They’re made up of two parts - concave eyeball and convex transparent membrane. They’re fine by themselves but when rendered with the head they come out black. See below - pls help if u know what’s wrong.


Awesome idea, good luck…

I’ve put the eyes aside for a while - worked more on the skin and experimenting with facial hair. Ear’s not great but it won’t be too visible in the final so not worried about it now.


Looks pretty creepy with those eyes missing, well done.

cool , continue … :slight_smile:

That’s, overall, a very nice head model with a fine woried expression. The skin texture looks good too. Anatomically, I would point to the neck which looks wrong though. The sternocleidomastoid muscle is missing and it is very important muscle to get right for good looking necks. Instead, there is a sort of muscle going from the back of the ear to the shoulder, it seems, and this definitely should not be there.

Thanks for the feedback ypoissant - I didn’t spend much time on the neck anatomy at all, so I should probably do this.