Mucho work to do, but it’s a start…

Edit… lots of changes - back and forthing between edit mode and sculpt. Still working in low poly (no mutires untill the base mesh is locked down). There may be hope yet!

Anyone have a good technique for doing dreadlocks?


Good start pappy! watch out around the outside of the eye-temple area tho…

Yeah, there’s a lot of wrinkles needed there. I keep messing up the overall form as I add in the detail to the mesh, but I think you’ll see an improvement in my next posting… (hope so , anyway) :slight_smile: - This is my first attempt at a “real” face, so while I technically believe I know what to do, the lack of practical experience is showing!

Thanks for the input.

Update. Still alot of issues, but I feel like I’m progressing in the right direction. (hope I’m not just fooling myself!) :frowning:

Still working with the base mesh with sub-d, jump into edit mode to refine the mesh, then straight to sculpt to define the shape… seems to work pretty well. The facial creases are fairly soft as I intend to enhance them (and add additional detail) with a normal map. Whatever comes out of this, it’s an interesting challange, that’s for sure!