This is kind of a double post. I posted one when I wasn’t going to enter into the competition but then decided to give it a try if I have enough time.

It took me about 2 hours to make the head and about 4 hours of to make the textures.

Started with a plane and just added extruded and attached edges. I modeled the ear separately and then attached it when it was done, because I have a hard time with ears and it was much easier for me to make it separate than to model it from the head.

I followed some tutorials for making the eye texture.

I think I will start on the clothes before I start working on the hair. I have never modeled clothes for this kind of detail before, so this should be fun. I haven’t done anything but a few cheesy tests with the hair, so that should also be fun.


A small update, working on the shirt.
Took me a few hours and it still needs a lot of work.
I tried to modify the bumps and will have to go back and fix them because it makes it look wrong. Plus I haven’t used SSS very much so I am getting a waxy look.


Nice! It looks like there is problem with texture on the ear.
Good work so far.

Yeah, and the nose as well.
I also need to add volume the shirt. It looks very flat around the collar and where the buttons will go. Unless it is silk, but I was going for cotton… well now I will have to do both and then choose because silk seems like it would be difficult to get right which would make it more fun.

I have been messing with the hair, this is my first time using hair.
I read the manual and watched some videos, but making wavy, partially curly, not uniform hair is being a problem.
Here is what I have so far.

On a side note, I wish I waited for 2.48 to come out before I made the shirt.

Edit: Also I wish there was some kind of plane that I could put up while combing the hair to make sure I am only combing the part I want style instead whatever is behind the tool.

Here is a very minor update. Still messing with the hair.


The chin looks too boxy, and the features on the skin may be slightly too large. Otherwise good work…