Blending Life - Stylized Contender

Its Official I’m entering the contest with this thing.

latest updates:

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another head from me :slight_smile: this time I went on to stylization which I find fun. This is the contender. Now I know I start a lot of projects at once, but this one is related to one of my final projects of the semester so I just might have to finish this one. I’m planning on a rig and body. Need to texture him as well.

that’s pretty slick modelling there. no real complaints from me except that the bridge between his nose and his mouth is sunk too far back. You should be able to see how much further foreward it should go if you check out some human profiles.

Ill take that into consideration:


Some texture tests:

same lighting set up but from the front:


I fixed the eye shader

Now I’m playing with the idea of a translucent rim shader to simulate peach fuzz. i don’t like what I’m getting though and might drop it:

should I or should I not keep the rim shader?

Wow, your modeling looks pretty nice.

And I prefer it without the rim shader too, even if it’s a little bit hard to tell, your images are rather dark :wink:

your images are rather dark :wink:

haha, well done. but seriously if they legitly dark maybe its your monitor cause I’ve looked at my image from a bunch of different monitors LCD and CRT respectively, and the image looks fine there. Maybe adjust the gamma and brightness of the screen?

trying to fix the eyes

thats actually a single layer SSS Shader. I wanted to see what I could do with it, give Maqs’ a break for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Different lighting (two spots one in front and one in back) and finally picked a bg color I like :smiley:

different lighting, trying to get objects (emitters) to reflect in the cornea. Not satisfied so far

I auto adjusted the image and got this: can I get some crits now?


I have my monitor calibrated but the images (except the last one) look a little dark, the last one looks very bright like it is the middle of the day.
Lighten the image up a little bit (not the last one) and maybe another light source from a different angle because the shadow seems a little too dark but that depends on the scene he will be in.
The textures and materials look very good and I like the stylization.

okay adjusted the spotlight values:


okay the last one was a spot light on constant, now this one with inverse linear.

But it gives the idea of the faces shape with the shader. See the image above to get a more accurate depiction of the skin.

[image removed]

I like the looks of this a lot, but the harsh shadow on the eyeballs seems as though they are pretty sunk in on the inner parts- maybe SSS on the whites would change this, or even scaling up the eyeball a bit. All this being said it is stylized, so there really aren’t any rules eh?

yeah that last image was a little off. that was actually due to the lighting. The eyes are flush with the lids. Honest :slight_smile:

different lighting set up think its too bright, makes the skin look off.