Blending Life - The Survivor

Well I never thought of trying to make anything photo realistic in 3D, so thanks to the makers of the Blender Life comp for getting me interested in this area of 3D, and for making the competition! :smiley:

Okay… Here goes nothing xD
Heres the start of my entry…

It took me grueling hours to make this base mesh. Six to be exact! I hope the worst is over, now that i got the basic shapes visible.

Good luck to everyone in this competition, modeling is a lot of hard work!

Great start - you are even more ahead than myself!

Why thankyou :smiley:

heres what i got atm…
I got a bad feeling about making the eyes =S

Nice nose! :slight_smile:
And I wish you good luck for the eyes, this is always the most difficult part I think

Thanks, and that is true, the smallest error with eyes can be distracting.


I guess they turned out alright after all :smiley: might need some tweaking later on though.
Now for the ears…

phew glad thats over. I think ill take a snooze now collapses

As you can see, I’ve modeled the eyeballs in and defined the neck creases or whatever its called. :smiley:

Compressed 40 frame rotation of this can be viewed here: Rotated 41f.avi (240kb)

Yay! I’ve finally done the the UV unwrapping! It was a pain in the ass, but I think it’s worth it.

I’ve also been making a face map with some references from the zip file. I haven’t matched up the UV coordinates, since i will do that once i finish editing the actual face map but I did a test render just to get a better idea how it will look…

It looks all funny at the moment lol, but making this makes me realize just how important textures can be…

This will be the last update post for a while I promise :smiley: I think for the next week I’ll just be purely modelling the rest of the scene.

Damn, for the hair I got to read some particle tutorials cause i have no idea how to use them lol.