Blending Life: The Traveler


Could be strange to post a WIP after a finished image, but my original
wip is in french and quite light (I’m a bad wipper), and actually the
forum image host is down (here), so here’s a quick one to show the steps.

  1. Topology:

I created separately basic nose, mouth, ear and eyes with different temporary materials to keep an eye clear on the loops;

after merging parts, modeling the head more precisely with references (animated gif)

  1. Texturing:

Thanks to the arrival of both GLSL and the awesome tutorial of Lile Hanson, texturing a head is now a real pleasure

  1. Adding SSS and particles

  1. Here’s the point were I’ve been too far, as a big good newbie I wanted to add a big scene (maybe a Star Wars remake but better of course, as usual…), and this is were you forgot the principal subject: “a portrait!”… I post this one because he got an Attila look

concept on half toilet paper size…

  1. Back to a more simple scene, this time I wanted something more close but huge, why not a Warhammer armor with rustle, blood and electronic stuff on it…? … second lesson: never doing too much, focus on the principal

  1. The last moment of the moustache…

After that I noticed that I didn’t made eyelashes and maybe it could add something in the expression. So I made a new particle system, but didn’t pay attention that I was erasing my moustache, and to get it well of course I made some ctrl W to correctly overwrite it.
No time to focus on fur now, lights and environment are more important to get a clear shot on the face of the “traveler” (he’s supposed to travel in space and visit planets, but you have to imagine that part).

And finally the final finalized pictures

For once I’m happy, I “finished” my first project even if don’t consider it finished, and this kind of challenge reveal what I have to learn or study again…

Thanks for devs and artists to share all this knowledge, I never thought 2 years ago I could make 3D myself… :slight_smile: