Blending Life - The Warrior

Sorry, I couldn’t resist… :smiley:
I guess I got the bug now.

This character is going to become a very athletic male warrior. Not that I was tired of modeling women by now, but the rules of the tournament state that the characters have to be very different. Did I say tournament? Well, that might quite possibly be an inspiration for the character’s final look. Might become a soldier, FPS computer game superhero or futuristic gladiator type (think current computer games here).
This model uses subsurf level 1, no sculpting. I’ve included wireframes for your cricizing pleasure. :wink:


Interesting lips… looks like a pansy.

Seems like you know those much better than I do, I would never have noticed without your help! Thank you very much! :evilgrin:
I pushed a few mouth vertices around and also changed the top of the nose and nasallabial fold a bit.
If anyone still thinks he looks like a pansy I might add some headphones + mic to hide the lips or just dress him up like stripper. :wink:
After all, there’s a deadline and the one I set for myself is much tighter than the official one. I may not have much of a life, but some other projects that demand my attention.
Critique and comments are most welcome, but please be as specific as you can when you see something that does not look right.
A comment like “I think the lips are too pronounced” serves me much better than to say “he looks like a pansy”, since it implies the solution (make lips less pronounced), while the latter does not. After all, I cannot do much about somebody dreaming about my model. :wink: