Blending Life - Ultraviolet

Hi, all. I decided to participate in Blending Life contest in Category B. Ultraviolet is a movie character (info on IMDB) and I am using actress Milla Jovovich as my reference. This is what I did so far.

Textured eyes and SSS test (no color maps and other maps yet)

I plan to model and texture whole body (with clothes) and make a nice action pose. I have collected about 60 reference pics of Milla from the movie and pics from other movies and modelling, so I hope I will make it look good.

This is my goal

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

looks like a nice start to me, the eyes, though, seem a little large,
could be the perspective, or just my mind playing some weird tricks though. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard very bad things about this film :wink: The modeling looks like its off to a good start though, like Felix said the eyes look a bit large but I think you’ve done well on the front face proportions. Looking forward to more!

It seems like bad camera position. I will try to post better pic as I will make some progress.

The movie was not so super, but I like Ultraviolet´s clothing and her body shapes – it would be nice base body mesh for other projects.

Here is an update. I am working on body. This is just a “sketch”, I will make more details later as I will have overall body shapes.




I know there is not much to crit so far, but any ideas (or usefull tutorials on torso modelling) will be appreciated.

Anyway, for torso modelling I am following this tutorialmostly.

try using human references on bodys. I heard it works wonders using human bodys as references.
By the way, nice head model. keep it up.

Thanks, Kaos86.

I was busy doing something else last few days, but here is an update. I had been tweaking the model mainly. I have also made some changes on the chest. I am not going to much in detail, because there will be clothing on it.


No textures, folds and other small details yet. 288 000 vertices at this time. I am going to model rest of the jacket, then hands. After that I will have whole base mesh modelled and I will make a pose and make all the small details. Texturing will be done in the end. I will also make some changes in scene lighting.



Current render (no textures, hands, hair and details yet)

And I want to ask if someone could recommend me any other renderer, which is compatible with Blender 2.48a and is able to render SSS settings.

it looks like a good start!

Woaw excellent beginning very interesting wip…

Nice modelling but gods… That character (the real one) talking about stupid looking heros… :S

Another update - close to the end?

OK. I have a rigging nightmare during this weekend :). Finally, I was able to make a pose. I have added many secondary lights to make the final render look more interesting.

Final modelling phase will be folds on the jacket, boots ,etc. Texturing will be much faster - right now I am doing some tests with Blender procedural textures an I think it will suffice for some clothing parts (I have a slow PC, so I am not able to draw big resolution textures :frowning: ). The skin texture for face and body will be done in GIMP.

Here are newest screens (no hair, no texturing yet)

The sword - I was not able to find original font, so I used free elven font Tengwar Telerin

Any comments or ideas will be appreciated :).