Blending Life: Unnamed

Hey, I just decided to join in on the blending life comp. I just don’t have a clue yet what category to compete in I’m fiddling around with hand-painted textues since textures from pictures just… don’t work well with me, anyway, here’s what I have so far.

as always, c+c is greatly appreciated




Looks good to noobish eyes. The only thing I would say is that he looks like he is made out of some type of copper or other similarly colored metal. Maybe that is the effect you are going for though.

Keep up the good work,

yeah, haven’t quite made the spec. map yet, and the bump atm is just a cloudprocedural… so nothing really fancy yet… may never come, but I hope so

Minor update, just begun fixing the bronzelook, and… I have trouble with my specular map… wehenever I set it to affect spec… it just seems to ignore it, anyone know how that can be?

Anyway, here’s the update


looking good so far. keep tweaking and see what you can come up with.