BlENDING LIFE - Valentyn

Hay every one :spin:. I’ve had a go at Cat. A in blending life using the textures supplied by Progress has been slowed down by exams recently but trying to keep a steady development on it. Here is what I have done so far.

First mesh design:

Second Nodes:

Third some test renders:

Thanks for looking. Any help or constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Josh Bainbridge

I think your texture/render look quite nice, but the model still needs work imo…the chin is too pointed and the eye shape needs to be better-just really examine a reference picture of eyes to get them right.

Thanks I will work on that :yes: defnetly the eyes also need to iron out some texturing issues like behind the ear. Some more work on the multi layered sss may be good. I’ve been getting some strange results. would it be best to not use sub surf scattering or do u guys think its worth the hassle.