Blending Life - Womans Portrait - Felix Kütt

Well, its 06-th in here, and I woke up just early enough to get the basics going before I go to work.

Here it is:

Started with a UV sphere, 16 segments, 10 rings, then just cutting and tweaking.
I use the Erika reference from the supplied references.

Looks great so far! Glad to see someone taking a different approach to modeling a head that box modeling or poly by poly. Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

Heh, well essentially its still box modeling, I just don’t start with a box. :wink:

haha okay yea, but not too many people start with a sphere so grats :smiley: Can’t wait to see more progress.

Good Start! i dont think the edge loops around the nose will allow you to get realistic detail of where the nostrils join up to the face. Also you need a lot more detail on the eye sockets.

The nose’s pretty much a place holder - lots of tweaking to-do,
obviously! :wink:

Thanks for the comments guy’s. :slight_smile: