blending materials or textures based on vertex colours?

Hello there!

After some searching around it appears that about 8 years ago it was possible to blend textures as driven by vertex colouring provided it was setup properly in the material node editor.

Having a search around now i can’t find those options, is it possible in either blender internal or cycles to do this?

If not is it planned?

I’m interested in this as it seems using the vertex colours are still a popular method of blending textures in various game engines.

Thanks for listening!

The Material Geometry node gives you access to the vertex colour which you can use in the node editor. What exactly are you wanting to achieve from 8 years ago ?

Great Scott! That’s it - perfect!

Thanks so much, in the couple of game studios that i’ve worked at the texture blending is driven with vertex colours, and i wanted to duplicate that setup in blender.

I also wanted to do the same within UDK.

In my search for how it works in blender took me time travelling to an 8 year old thread where it looked like the setup with the nodes had different names and i couldn’t quite track down the modern equivalent. Cos where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Anyway, thanks for your speedy (timely) reply!

Incidentally can this be done in cycles? I realise that couldn’t be further from a game engine but i can see some handy uses and perhaps wouldn’t be too difficult to plug that into the factor of a mix node.

after sleeping on it i’ve realised that it should be possible to include them together in cycles should anyway find that useful, somehow it feels that it’s only me! haha.

Anyway, similar to the setup that was going on before the shadow layer was added to cycles it’s possible to duplicate the scene and then have access to both blender internal and cycles image renders.

Switch one scene to blender render, one to cycles, setup the mix of 2 textures blended with the geometry vertex colour data driving the factor for blender render, then render with the vertex colour material checkbox on so it overides the 2 textures at rendertime, then you can use that black and white image as a mix factor between to cycles renders one with the first texture, one with the second.

Not very elegant but hey ho, just in case it ever comes in handy. I may bring this post to life again if I ever do with a posted render and reason! haha.