Blending Multiple NLA Action Strips

In this file:
I have trouble playing together the two action strips (named NlaTrack.001 and NlaTrack) in the NLA editor. When I play each one of them solo they play as expected. But when solo is turned off for both of them only the NlaTrack strip plays and only to frame 21 which is near to where NlaTrack.001 begins. In solo mode the NlaTrack strip will play to frame 120 as expected.

How do I get these two action strips to play together?

I’m resurrecting this because I am having the same experience.

I was trying to layer actions in the nla editor and no matter whan I do they will not blend. The wiki says that I should be able to set one strip or both to add and then they should blend but this does not seem to be working.

Am I missing something or is this just not working?